Jan. 1st, 2012 07:00 pm
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...have the best friends in the world. Just sayin'.

The fact that I am currently completely smashed has no relevance on this lovefest. Honest.
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For Bren's Christmas, I got him a juice bar. Long story short, we went to a party where it was in use, and it vanished. We discovered the disappearance the day before Christmas Eve. I ordered a new one Saturday night, with the expectation that if I selected 2 day delivery, it would arrive by Thursday and we could have it for our trip this weekend.


Apparently, Think Geek took 2 days off for the holiday; they didn't process my order til Tuesday, the device shipped on Weds and wasn't scheduled for delivery until Friday. That won't work. So I called yesterday, and to their credit, Think Geek has been excellent with trying to get my package in my hands. UPS, not so much. They redirected the package to our hotel in IL. However, UPS brought the fucking thing all the way to Somerville before saying 'oh! Right. Redirect.' (It was in Ohio when I got the notification that a redirect request had been placed)

So now it's redirected to Illinois... but scheduled for delivery.. the day after we check out of our hotel, and get back on a plane for Boston.

So fuck you, UPS. I am so fucking angry and frustrated and crying and...I don't want to deal with this anymore. Bren's been great about it, but I am so incredibly pissed off and tired of having to make phone calls and try to keep my cool when I'm already stressed and tense.

So thank you, United Parcel Service. I name the migraine and tears and snotty nose after you. I really hope that some day you are waiting for an important package, and someone does this shit to you.
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I called my parents today and got my dad. He told me that one of his old friends, someone I remember very fondly... lost his battle with cancer this morning.

I don't know if you ever knew what an impact you had on me as a kid, Mr. Chisolm. But I grieve for you tonight. I am happy you are no longer in pain, but my father has lost his dear friend, and the world is a colder place without you in it.
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I just finished Dragon Age II.

I feel... like I sometimes do when I've walked out of a really powerful movie. Moved, emotional... crying a little.

It was an excellent game. I missed a few things, but.. Yeah. I think next, I will play through Origins again, then do another run through of II.

Bioware.. if you -ever- do a Dragon Age MMO... You have at least one guaranteed subscriber.

If anyone out there is looking for a powerfully immersive and fun single player fantasy RPG.. I cannot recommend the Dragon Age series enough.


Dec. 21st, 2011 02:52 pm
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Apparently, it is not only noteworthy, but astonishing that chocolate cake is not my favorite thing in the world, and I am strange for preferring a white cake with vanilla frosting. *

I'd like to make a joke about frosting racism, but I fear it might not be in the best of taste (HAR!).


(Gourmet cupcakes provided by sales. I lamented a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. My coworkers found my pastry preferences surprising!)

* Brownies generally are not a go-to dessert for me, either. I do love chocolate, but I am most definitely not a chocaholic.
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Home from a very busy weekend with family. Yay, holidays!

Will be gone next weekend, and the weekend after. Very tired now, and FRIGGIN COLD. I keep hearing Boston weather is similar to Chicago, but I do think it's windier, and that wind is vicious!

We did get the opportunity to see the 11th Annual Portland Harbor Christmas Boat Parade of Lights, which was fun, if cold. The bandstand was occupied with carolers, and someone's dog was either an enthusiast of Christmas music or a really harsh critic; he sung along.

Next weekend, we're hoping to get a little shopping done, and see a display of Gingerbread houses that are supposed to be very detailed and ornate. We're getting up super early to drive back up to Portland to spend Christmas eve with Mom and sister's family. We'll do Dad's on Christmas Day, then go back to Mom's on Boxing Day, coming home on Monday.

Weekend after that we're popping out to Chicago and will hopefully get some relaxing time with friends.

Happy Holidays, folks!
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To make up for yesterday's vitriol.. over the weekend I had to go to the Cambridgeport Mall, which is a large, upscale mall right on the border between Cambridge and Boston proper.

I had various errands (apple store, shoe store, etc) and while I was running them, I happened upon a truly gorgeous Santa. His beard was full and real, his clothing expensive and tailored, belt and boots were, if not real leather, good enough fakes to look it.

As I approached, he was speaking to a mall employee, then stopped, looking behind him. A wide smile spread across his face and he crossed my path, his attention focused behind a pillar. When I got there, I saw a child. A girl no more than 5 or 6, who was... enraptured at meeting Santa. He knelt beside her and spoke to her a few moments, and I was immensely touched at the joy of a child. I wiped tears from my cheeks as I continued on my business, and several days later, am still musing on the nature of happiness, and wondering when we lose that... overflowing-cup-of-joy from childhood.
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Gragh. I forgot that NPR is doing the Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church this morning.

Blee. Already I need to change the channel.*

Also debating leaving one of the LJ communities I have been reading. I am seriously tired of the bullshit I've been reading under the flag of... well. Apparently, according to these people, I am not a feminist. It is far too early in the morning to be getting angry about this stuff. -.-

* I am an ex Mormon. I was raised in the faith. I respect that other ex Mormons have very negative feelings about the church. I'm not really sure how I feel myself. This is not an invitation for Mormon bashing; I'm very uncomfortable discussing it. Please respect that.
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That are going through some rough patches.

Cut for language and possible triggers. )

Song lyrics are cliche. But.. I needed to hear this today. Maybe you do too.
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I walked up to my desk this morning to find a catnip mousie at the base of my chair. [livejournal.com profile] roho says he heard Cailet padding around with a mouthful of mouse last night. (Her pace changes when she's playing with her favorite toy)

Good way to start the morning. Now off to the dentist!
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I received my softpaws order earlier this week, and in a monumental team effort, they were applied without bloodshed.

Cailet is now sporting lovely hot pink front pawnails (I am not a terribly pink person, it was the most insulting color I could think of; which is not to say it does not look absolutely lovely on other people, I just think of Cailet as a very Goth cat)

I burritoed and manipulated her paws, [livejournal.com profile] roho did the gluing and application. We had to rewrap her a few times, she was most displeased. But she didn't bite me, and her struggles were more the 'get me out of here' than 'I'm going to eat you'.

Overall, a great success. Looking at the softclaws themselves, I have no doubt that this will ease the destruction. I am going to wait a couple of days, then perhaps apply them to her rear claws as well, as both cats like to launch themselves violently.

I don't mind buying more if this will solve the problem.
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This morning, I found claw marks on our new leather sofa. Not from sharpening, but from leaping up on the sofa and digging in.

I realize we took a risk, getting leather while we have a clawed cat. But my fury right now is beyond that.

So. Felines of our household, take note.

Marcus- stop chasing Cailet. Cailet, turn around and SWIPE HIS NOSE, don't give him a chase, don't come running to me, BEAT HIS ASS. YOU HAVE CLAWS, HE DOESN'T.

I am seriously about to lock BOTH of you in a small room and not let you out til you can get along. I am FED UP with the bickering.

Oh- and don't think you'd have it easier with [livejournal.com profile] roho. Marcus, you are on ESPECIALLY thin ice with Daddy.

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We are going to a Geeky Halloween party this year, and [livejournal.com profile] roho is already picking out his costume which leaves me going, 'uh.. shit.'

I have not dressed up for Halloween, um.. EVER, and a quick surf through costume shops that carry my size (yay fat butt) showed... stuff that looks great on skinny chicks but not so much on larger women, and stuff that would be okay, but looks cheaply made and has triple digit prices.

I do not currently have a working sewing machine, I do have a black underbust bodice and peasant shirt, so worst case I can buy a nice scarf and wrap it around my waist, wear the bodice and shirt with a skirt, but I'd like to avoid the renfaire look if at all possible, or at least put a little more effort into it.

SO! Friends! Loved ones! Suggestions? Most of you know what I look like irl.


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As a palate cleanser from yesterday's sober-mood post...

We are going to see VNV Nation live in November. I cannot express how utterly excited and fangirl-squee I am about this!

I should probably tell the friends that may be going with us that it's okay if they want to pretend not to know me.

I have some other things I eventually want to write about, but they're less feel-good, and I'll save them for another time.
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I suppose I should update, do the whole 'yes, we're alive' thing.

It was our 5th anniversary recently, and [livejournal.com profile] roho surprised me with a romantic weekend getaway in Stowe, Vermont.

I won't bore everyone with the details, but it was... just what we needed, I think. It was not a weekend of perfect small-town-inn-quaintness, but.. it was relaxing and fun and filled with wine, laughter, and a NCIS marathon. And local-grown organic garlic. Only in Vermont do you drive out to the boonies for a farm, find the produce unsupervised (save by a friendly dog) with a note to leave the money in the box and a list of prices. We spent alot there.

Since then, things have been a bit busy. I got hired as a full time employee at the company I've been working at since March (I was a temp) at the end of August, and have been moving along ever since.

I was contacted recently by someone I had a rather... fiery falling out with. I had a horrible sick feeling when I saw her name in my email inbox, but we've had a rather pleasant, 'hey, let's talk about what happened' and... I have high hopes that one day we'll be good friends again.

We've recovered from Briana's loss, more or less. We both still miss her, and I know I still have little pangs when I see a Samoyed truddling down the sidewalk. We have a beautiful box with her remains, along with a clay imprint of her paw. She'll be buried in Roho's mother's front yard where she can hear the neighborhood children pass. She loved them, they loved her. Mom will watch over her. (I'm getting choked up typing this, so apologies for abrupt topic switch)

My health is still iffy. I started coughing and having asthma-related while we were in Vermont, and it's not really getting better. I tire easily; I have noticed that since May/June, and I am starting to notice short term memory issues. If something is not in my face, I forget about it. (For those of you waiting for packages from me, I apologize- I feel like a horrible friend, I keep forgetting to get them together) The daily grind feels like a grind alot, and I never feel like I get enough rest. I need to schedule some doctors appointments, but it feels rather overwhelming when I look at everything I need to get checked. Getting old sucks. :(

Speaking of getting old.. Roho's birthday is coming up, along with the birthdays of some special friends. Where has this year gone?

And... that's all I have to write about now. I will perhaps try to write more later.
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Thank you.. to everyone that offered condolences and stories about Brianna.

I likely will not go through and reply to everyone individually... I don't think we have enough tissues in the house for me to get through that! All of your comments were read by both of us, and the outpouring of support and sympathy was overwhelming and wonderful.

I have created a gallery of photos collected from friends here. (I hope that works, the new Picasa is confusing and strange!)

[livejournal.com profile] roho and I will inter her in his mother's garden, where she spent much of her time this spring, along with some rawhide chewies and a toblerone. She was very well loved in the neighborhood, and will likely have a fine send off.

Things are going well for us otherwise, I think. Boston is.. definitely different than Illinois was. We both mostly like city living, we're both settling into new jobs, making a new home for ourselves. Our tenants in the Illinois house so far have been godsends, and while it's a big adjustment.. I think we can be happy here.

We miss those of you we left back in Illinois. The English language is sadly lacking when it comes to expressing just how much we miss all of our friends in the midwest. Unfortunately due to my new job, I will not be able to attend MFF this year, and I feel strangely bereft at that. I hope Roho has a good time for his last year as staff.

I will hopefully write more later; it's been an emotional and exhausting summer.

Take care, all of you out there.



Aug. 12th, 2011 09:48 am
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Goodbye, Marshmallow Dog.

We love you so very very much. And you leave a gaping hole that hurts so very much.

If the Rainbow Bridge exists, we'll be looking for you there.

We love you, Brianna.


Jun. 14th, 2011 05:45 pm
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Photo courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] atara.

clickie )
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Working on a commission from 8-9, then from 9-10, I will be taking requests and prompts! Stop by and say hello!


I have not forgotten the last stream's doodles, I just just been a bit swamped with RL. I am going to do my best to get them up this week. <3

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