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Birthdate:Mar 6
Location:United States of America
Website:cheekitty arts

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Welcome to my online journal! This is my space to share inspirational quotations, art and nifty things I've found on the 'net.

Friending... I welcome any and all to watch my journal. The best way to get me to reciprocate is to leave comments! I love meeting new people, and I really enjoy discussions.

What you'll find here:

Daily thoughts to muse on... usually in the form of a quote. Far too often, we get caught up in the daily humdrum, and it's my opinion that, like an extra shot of espresso, many of us can use a shot of something pleasant and uplifting in our lives. (tags: daily, life)

Adventures in self-beautifation... I was diagnosed with some rather annoying endocrine problems, and none of my health issues, taken alone, are life threatening, together they are serious enough to make me rethink the way I live my life. Coupled with a general desire to be in better shape, I am blogging about my experiences, what I'm doing, what's working, and what challenges I'm facing. This is opt-in only! (must send me a note, or comment to be added)(tags: diet, health)

Art...Because I don't want to keep a separate art journal, I post links to all my artwork here. Most of my recent work can be viewed on my FurAffinity account (link above!), and once my website is completely updated, I will have a link to all my artwork there. (tags: art)

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