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Well. We have had an eventful weekend!

I've gotten most of my ducks in a row for starting school next month; I'm taking French, drawing, a history class and English Comp. It's the first time in 13 years I've been in school, and I'm both excited and a little nervous. I'm sure I'll do fine. :)

For those that didn't know, I've been out of work since June. I went into the hospital in early June, and never went back once I was released (Yes, I'm okay. :))

June was a busy month, with the surprise trip to AC (we literally decided to go the weekend before) and then the 4th holiday, and wow, July sure is trucking right along!

I've been really productive, artwise... I will have to upload everything I've scanned. I have two paid commissions in the works right now, with a few more freebies. I'm really pleased with how my skills are progressing, and I'm hoping that some formal instruction will improve things further. I will post my assignments as I do them!

I recently joined the Anthro Sketch Xchange community, and thusfar, I'm really enjoying it. I hopped in for July and cranked out a painting pretty quickly, so I 'adopted' someone that didn't get to have their character drawn. That was done pretty quickly too, so I'm done for the month. (I'll.. post that stuff too, more on why not now below)

Sooo... anyway. Bren and I bought pedometers, and we've been walking a lot more together. We've set out from our house quite often, and walked into downtown and had a meal or drinks at our new favorite restaurant (It's roughly 2 miles round trip). It's been really pleasant, and a great way for us to spend time together.

This weekend, we wandered down to the Apple store, both to look at the new iphone, and for me to drool over a new laptop. The line was intimidating at first, but was moving at a pretty good clip, so while Bren waited, I wandered in and started banging around on the demo machines. I had pretty much decided that my next computer would be a mac, and was looking at the macbook pros. Once I had a chance to actually handle them though, I realized that a 13" macbook would perfectly suit my needs, in addition to being some $700 cheaper. Well.. I can't justify paying $700 for 2" of screen space, so I told him of my change of plans while we waited.

He ended up getting one of the last three iphones in stock at the store (everyone was, I think, relieved I wasn't getting one too), and once that transaction was complete, a sales rep helped with my questions regarding the macbooks. Much discussion, some puppy eyes, and a check of finances once we got home, and Bren bought me a new macbook. I have the bestest husband in the world. :D

I've gotten just about all my software installed; all I need at this point is an IRC client for the online MFF staff meetings, and then I think I'll be set. I'm really really pleased. Mac is a completely different interface from windows, but thusfar I really like it.

Tomorrow, we're going to see a live performance with some friends, which should be a blast. Friday, Bren's sister arrives for a weekend visit, which should also be lots of fun! So July looks like it's filling up with social activities, and then two weeks into August... school starts.

And now, I have a cat begging for attention, so I'm going to close this extremely disjointed entry. :)
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We've gotten a really good start off to the weekend. Dinner last night with friends, then lunch again with them... followed by games and laughter and fun.

I needed that.

Things have been a bit... rough. I owe emails and artwork and I really should introduce myself to a couple of journals I started watching (Hi there! I came from [livejournal.com profile] haikujaguar, I'm not creepy, I promise!).... and there's a lot of things around the house that really need to be done.

But I feel like a giant slug, and over the last week it's gotten worse. I'm told that my body is adjusting to my new medications, and it should balance out (or not) in another week or so. I hope so. This is kind of scary.

I'm going to try and get some of my promised scans/artwork out the door tomorrow. I don't want to look at the todo list, lest I get overwhelmed.
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It's been an interesting weekend thusfar.

Friday night, Lori popped in and we went down to Goose Island Brewery in Wrigleyville for a bit of dinner and beer. We went to Andersonville by way of Evanston (This is the last time I follow directions Joe gives me) and finally arrived around 8:30.

We had fun! )
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Midwestern weather is... utterly bizarre. It feels more like September/October than May; cool and sunny. If the trees weren't a vibrant green, I'd be utterly and helplessly confused.

Things have been going well for us; work has been a nightmare of bad planning on the part of others, but so far I've managed. I don't know what will happen when the project ends, but I do know that my work on this should earn me a decent raise next year.

I've been pondering a lot what I want to do with my life; It seems like quite a few others have as well. Must be something in the air. Someone suggested to me that I sit down and write out what I want, what I'm willing to compromise on, what I will not countenance in my life. She mentioned that all of us have vague ideas of the things we want, but when they aren't written down, it's far too easy to become confused and give in to the needs/wishes of those around us. This is.. a really good idea. I have a very basic idea of where I want to be in a year, 5 years, 10 years down the road, but it would be really nice if I could settle down on some sort of goal to work toward rather than an ephereal 'some day I'd like to do X'.

Among the things I'd like to do is become serious about the arts. All along, I've said that my art was just a hobby, and that I didn't really care if it never became more. I've found lately that.... that is no longer true. I don't think I ever will be solely supported by art or writing, but I have decided that I do want to seek professional status; both from my clients and from my peers. [livejournal.com profile] tuftears was invaluable in asking all sorts of questions that made me sit down and evaluate how I really felt about things. I don't know how much of the goal I'll actually be able to accomplish, but... I'm sure that in working towards it, I'll reap all sorts of benefits.

Other than that... things are puttering along. There's a few things that will probably happen this summer that I'm not able to talk about.

I still haven't pregistered for Anthrocon. Need to do that soon. I'm getting excited about the trip, even though it looks like things will be tight for me financially. Oh well. What else is new?

We've had a lot going on over the past month or so. [livejournal.com profile] gypsypet was out the weekend after Easter, then [livejournal.com profile] glennj showed up, then [livejournal.com profile] points told us HE was in town... and just.. wow. Things have been utterly nuts in our lives lately. Tomorrow, we're going to jaunt up to Madison to try and catch [livejournal.com profile] aynjel and [livejournal.com profile] haikujaguar at Wiscon. (BTW, if either of you read this, doubtful as it is, we won't be leaving Chitown til afternoon. Will call when we hit Wisconsin) I'm pretty sure we're just going for the day, as neither of us wants to shuck out the cash for a hotel room with Big Vacation looming. There's sadly not much else to update with. I am pondering tossing up some original art and bookmarks up on Furbid to try and garner a little extra spending money. My stuff never seems to sell well, however; I'm not sure if it's because I'm a relative unknown, or if it's some subtle statement on my abilities. More likely just because people don't know what's good. :>

I need to hit the art store for some paints and watercolor paper.. and I need to dig out my brushes. I'm going to finish [livejournal.com profile] lanakila's commission to my satisfaction if it kills me! (FYI, Lana, trying watercolors next. If this doesn't work out, I may just color it digitally and send you tons of iggle sketches as an apology). I also need to work on [livejournal.com profile] duncandahusky's Livejournal icons. I never knew that huskies were difficult to draw til I started trying to draw him. I don't know why, but nothing I've done looks good to me. Maybe I just need better reference images. :p

It sounds like we're going to toddle up to Kenosha tonight to see a friend. He doesn't get out terribly much since he doesn't have a working vehicle, and with our gaming group cancelled this week, I think he's really lonely for company. He's a fun person to just hang out with, and he's got lots of pointy things to play with (swords and knives, get your minds out of the gutter!!), so I imagine it'll be time pleasantly spent. I need to remember to snag some pop to take with tho, as he abhors diet soda.

So.. I'll probably rummage up my brushes tonight when I get home, then get on the road. We are looking at moving to the Gurnee area when we finally purchase a house, so it'll be good to get an idea of what my daily commute would be like. I'll probably prime and stretch the paper for Lana's commission tomorrow; I have a block of cold press paper I want to try it on.. and I want to get some plate pressed paper. I'll be in Schaumburg for a doctor's visit, so might as well visit the God of Art Supply Stores.

I also have art to scan.


Spots Illustrated Home
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It's been an interesting few weeks.

We've had guests galore, and we're heading to Wiscon next weekend. I'm really looking forward to being able to take a breather in June.

On Friday, we attended the first local Movie Night, which, incidentally, we had no hand in starting up. It was vampire night, and we watched Bram Stoker's Dracula and Interview with the Vampire. Both are most excellent movies, and the discussion they prompted was very much enjoyed. We got home very late to the rumblings of thunder and crashed hard.

Saturday morning, we slept way too late, futzed around together for a while, then went up to BDs for lunch. Delicious stirfry was partaken of, then we scooted over to Gamer's Paradise so I could pick up some dice. Much as I love that store, I think I'll start looking around online for my figurine/dice needs. I can get things in bulk from Ebay that are much cheaper (even after paying shipping), and Hawthorne Mall no sense makey.

We got home and I assembled snacks for my night at gaming- several slices of cojack cheese, and a couple of advantage bars. I stopped at Jewel on the way up in the hopes that I could obtain a pepperoni stick- a 12" stick of pepperoni that's done up much like a summer sausage. Tends to be a lot more flavorful and spicey than the precut kind. Alas, my search was in vain, as Jewel likes to move things around all the time. I settled for a round of gouda and some diet coke.

Scooped up Lori and tootled up to Bristol, where we arrived just before the rains started. I must say that sitting in Glen's kitchen with the rain pouring down in the trees behind you is a very pleasant way to watch a storm. When Mike and Dave finally arrived, we found that Mike had left my characters at home. Doh. Okay, so we went over to Glen's computer and used some sort of D&D software to reroll Fielan. I must say I rather like her stats better now. I was quite pleased.

The game was fun and challenging. (See [livejournal.com profile] drgn_ldy's journal. She'll likely have a report up soon) We asked our DM a couple of times if he was trying to kill off the entire party. With some well timed spells and some really nice bow-work (by yours truly... although the fighters helped. Ahem), we overcame the bad guys and ended up with a slew of Exp that I'm sure we'll be updated with via email sometime this week.

Before we left, the storms hit in earnest, and rain was gushing down in torrents. I ran out to the car and was soaked to the skin before I could take two steps. The route we would usually take back to Gurnee was flooded, so we had to take an alternate route. About 5 minutes after turning onto Hwy 50, lightning struck about 10 feet away from the car. I mean, it hit the ground 10 feet away. Both Lori and myself screamed, and I was all the way back to Gurnee before I stopped shaking.

The worst of the storm seemed to be centered on the Bristol/Kenosha area, but I was very very glad to get home last night. Went to bed, and woke up late again this morning.

Eating leftover stirfry for lunch, and plan to do absolutely nothing today. :)
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I did a search for people on livejournal that live in the same town as us, and.... wow. There's a lot, and it's depressing that 80% of them are teenagers.


I feel old.
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We had a really awesome day yesterday. Lunch with Feren, a trip to Hobby Lobby (where I picked up new art supplies), and then gaming.

I think the pinnacle of my day was coming home and finding a single rose laying on my desk.

I love that man of mine.
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We just got home from a very long, but very fun weekend. We hit Feren's place late yesterday afternoon with the plan to get dinner and go bowling with Duncan, Takaza, Linnaeus, Datahawk, and various others. We arrived to find Dunc, Taki, and Mirko already arrived and socializing. Linnaeus and Data arrived shortly thereafter, and Data and I discovered some very interesting personal facts about each other. We also discovered that when we get together, the conversation dives down to new depths of gutterness. It was very fun.

We all trooped over to Chili's and grabbed some dinner, then trucked back to Feren's to grab various items, then caravaned up to the bowling alley in Wheaton. Big surprise, the furries picked a place called 'Fox Bowl' to have a LAFF party. Yay. This is my enthused face. I didn't particularly want to shuck out $12 to play two games, so we escaped to the bar and sampled more tasty beverages while I sketched. I was quite surprised to find that black lights do really cool things to my Canson sketchbooks. The evening was really a lot of fun; good company, good booze, excellent time. We thought about going home after the party, but there was talk of Brunch the next morning before the MFF Staff Meeting, so we headed back down to Jason's and staked out a spot on his 'dining' room floor.

Sleeping on the floor was, in fact, surprisingly comfortable. For anyone else that must grab floorspace, I highly recommend it. The carpet in there is extremely thick plush, so it was like an extra layer of padding. Very nice. My only problem was that we didn't have spare clothing, since we didn't plan on staying the night. So Bren borrowed some of Fer's shorts and a tee shirt, I borrowed one of Taki's tees, and we did laundry. :>

I will now keep an overnight bag for both of us in the car along with our air mattress whenever we go to Feren's on a Saturday. :P

So, we experienced Ra's, 'OMG ARE YOU SLEEPING?!?!!!!!111?!?!!!!!' routine this morning. It surprisingly wasn't bad. We pretty much slept so soundly we didn't hear Neuracnu (I'm sorry hon, I know I butchered that) come in around 3 AM (we went to bed at 2:30), and when Ra started going off at 6:30, we kinda shrugged, rolled over, and went back to sleep. My only complaint about our entire sleeping arrangements was the pillows. Poor Feren, he really was NOT expecting to have two more guests (we had a grand total of 7 people in his house last night), and we ended up taking the decorative pillows off his bed for us to sleep on. This wouldn't have been a problem, except that his comforter set is one of those really kind of slippery satiny fabrics. If I had been awake enough, I'd have taken off the sham and been fine. Instead, I drunkenly kept trying to hold onto a pillow that felt like it had been greased. ;)

Brunch was okay- Great company, Great Food, really shitty service. We went to Ikea afterwards to see an exhibition of service dogs, then browsed the store. I walked out with two totes and a new waterbowl for the cats (Total bill, $7. I LOVE that store), then we had the meeting. I hope we never try to cram that many people into that small a room EVER again. EVAH.

So after all the budgeting was discussed (Taki, I will go ahead and get in touch with the appropriate channels and find out if I actually do need to buy anything for my department), we went back to Fer's and chatted for a while. Dinner was obtained at Culvers, and we had the cheese curds of doom. This is the second weekend in a row I've eaten really heavily, both on calories and finances, and while it was fun, I'm kind of glad to go back to eating light. It was getting really bloody expensive.

We saw Neu off to home, since he was heading back to Missouri, and waddled back to Fer's to watch B5. I love B5. It screws me up whatgood in the emotional department, but.. JMS is just.. a very brilliant man. <3

We watched part of the first episode of Firefly with Taki and Duncan before the clock forced us to head home. It is now nearly 11, and both cats are giving us betrayed looks for not coming home last night between brainfires and rubbing against our legs.

Time for bed.

G'nite. :)
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Boy, it has been one helluva weekend.

I went offline on Wednesday night to prepare for guests from out of town. [livejournal.com profile] gypsypet and her friend Charlie were flying in Thursday to visit. I've known Gypsy since.. 1999? We met online in the game EverQuest, and became really close friends. She's the only person from my heavy gaming days that bothered to stay in touch, and I love her like a sister. I think she knows me better than my mother does. So, anyway. Whirlwind tour of Chicago! )

On an unrelated note, last night we went to help Kim from AFA with the weekly chores of animal care. She gave us the grand tour of the place and introduced us to all the animals, which was a lot of fun. I had no idea miniature horses were so large, and no clue that genets were that small. It was definately informative! We played with Akira, the genet kit for a bit, and honestly, both of us fell in love. He was extremely social and friendly, which Kim tells us is not the norm for the species. She also hinted broadly that if we buy a place with the appropriate space, if she has kits that she needs to place, she might give us one with the proper personality type. I loved the idea, and Bren didn't seem to upset about it. ;)

Bren and I did get to talk a bit about life and expectations, which was good. Relationship reconnection is vital, and we're definately looking forward to some much-needed downtime. Tonight, we have a social gathering/fundraiser that Kim is hosting, and hopefully nothing for the rest of the week. I know we have a MFF Staff meeting on Sunday, but that should be fine. I need to have my department's rules and regs finalized by then and submitted for approval. Glrph. ;) Fortunately, I don't have much of a budget to worry about.

I got the good news at work today. I still haven't gotten my review, but I AM getting a merit raise. Ultimately, it's not much, but it's more than I got at any of my previous jobs, so I'm pretty pleased. And now, it's time for me to go home. Maybe I'll have time for a quick nap before we head out to Palos Park....
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I've been really lazy about updating lately. Nothing of real interest to mention.

Sunday, we invaded Feren's house for the weekly Babylon 5 viewing and demolished an entire disc (Some 4-5 episodes). Wow. All I can say is wow. Without giving spoilers, this series is just... amazing, and so underappreciated. It is very linear, and I think that's why so many don't care for it. Others, I think, are put off by the first season's shoddy graphics and set design. (It was originally released in 1994. Let's cut them some slack, mm?)

I knew something happened to a character I really loved, but watching it happen, and the WAY it happened just... really really tore me up. That was the final episode (The ultimate sacrifice, for those that are familiar with it) we watched, and I was quiet the entire way home. I just... couldn't get over the emotional punch in the gut I had just received.

The evening was wonderful, despite the drama of the tv, and I think we all acheived some much needed decompression.

The rest of the week... well.. My days have been extremely stressful at work. My immediate supervisor was offered a promotion some weeks ago, and there was talk of promoting me to her position, then there was talk of putting someone else over me... then there was talk of scrapping the project all together.. Amongst all of this were whispers that people were being fired and laid off left and right. The company has just done a major reorganizational effort, and all I've heard is that they're condensing as much as possible. The client I work on has been sold, so we're losing a large chunk of revenue. This has lead to very very tense days, wondering if I'm going to be called into HR and given a pink slip. I hope not- I need this job. But if I am... I am. There's nothing I can really do about it. They've shown that they're not just trimming chaff, they've fired some high up managers as well as good, solid employees with tenure. So.. yeah.

But as Roho mentioned, things at home have been extremely nice. We have company coming in this weekend, and I came home from gaming Saturday night to find the floors swept, mopped, and vacuumed, my kitchen was sparkling, the laundry was all neatly folded, all the furniture was dusted... and one very special little fennec was tucked into bed. He's pulled the 'Surprise' cleaning job on me for the past several weeks running, and I wish I could convince him to let it go, that I will get to it eventually. That being said, I do feel incredibly blessed to have him.

Taxes were ouchy, and I lost some future income that I thought was assured. This is put quite a crimp in my summer plans, although I don't anticipate it interfering our trip to Maine in July. It just means I can't bring as much spending money as I'd hoped to.

My best friend from South Carolina arrives tomorrow and will be here til Sunday. Sunday afternoon, we're going to be cleaning cages and helping Kim from AFA tidy up her house in preparation for some fundraising she's doing. Sometime next month, I'm returning to AFA to get pictures of a new baby fennec and a baby raccoon for a new section of the website. I know there were baby genets, but I don't know if they've already been fostered out. I hope not. :)

Anyway.. time for a meeting. Have a good week folks.
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Everyone welcome [livejournal.com profile] gypsypet!! She finally broke down and got a livejournal!

(She's my bestest friend from out east that's visiting next weekend. YAAAAY Regs!)
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[livejournal.com profile] feren, [livejournal.com profile] ashryn, and [livejournal.com profile] arphalia headed south about an hour ago, and my only thought was, Damn today went by fast.

The company was most excellent. I was honestly sorry to see them leave. I got some great sketches done while watching TV, two completed pieces and one more in progress. I'll scan and upload them later this week. Roho had done some killer coding and debugging for me yesterday, so when I have a bit more content gathered, the website will go live.

I was very sorry to hear in my email today that our gaming group's host has lost his cat. I think one of us may have inadvertantly let the cat out, and as Glenn put it, Boomer won't last long outdoors. So... please send positive energy and prayers that Boomer will be returned home safely. I know Glenn is really torn up about it, and... well.. he is a really really sweet kitty.

G'nite folks.

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