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I walked up to my desk this morning to find a catnip mousie at the base of my chair. [livejournal.com profile] roho says he heard Cailet padding around with a mouthful of mouse last night. (Her pace changes when she's playing with her favorite toy)

Good way to start the morning. Now off to the dentist!
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I received my softpaws order earlier this week, and in a monumental team effort, they were applied without bloodshed.

Cailet is now sporting lovely hot pink front pawnails (I am not a terribly pink person, it was the most insulting color I could think of; which is not to say it does not look absolutely lovely on other people, I just think of Cailet as a very Goth cat)

I burritoed and manipulated her paws, [livejournal.com profile] roho did the gluing and application. We had to rewrap her a few times, she was most displeased. But she didn't bite me, and her struggles were more the 'get me out of here' than 'I'm going to eat you'.

Overall, a great success. Looking at the softclaws themselves, I have no doubt that this will ease the destruction. I am going to wait a couple of days, then perhaps apply them to her rear claws as well, as both cats like to launch themselves violently.

I don't mind buying more if this will solve the problem.
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This morning, I found claw marks on our new leather sofa. Not from sharpening, but from leaping up on the sofa and digging in.

I realize we took a risk, getting leather while we have a clawed cat. But my fury right now is beyond that.

So. Felines of our household, take note.

Marcus- stop chasing Cailet. Cailet, turn around and SWIPE HIS NOSE, don't give him a chase, don't come running to me, BEAT HIS ASS. YOU HAVE CLAWS, HE DOESN'T.

I am seriously about to lock BOTH of you in a small room and not let you out til you can get along. I am FED UP with the bickering.

Oh- and don't think you'd have it easier with [livejournal.com profile] roho. Marcus, you are on ESPECIALLY thin ice with Daddy.

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Thank you.. to everyone that offered condolences and stories about Brianna.

I likely will not go through and reply to everyone individually... I don't think we have enough tissues in the house for me to get through that! All of your comments were read by both of us, and the outpouring of support and sympathy was overwhelming and wonderful.

I have created a gallery of photos collected from friends here. (I hope that works, the new Picasa is confusing and strange!)

[livejournal.com profile] roho and I will inter her in his mother's garden, where she spent much of her time this spring, along with some rawhide chewies and a toblerone. She was very well loved in the neighborhood, and will likely have a fine send off.

Things are going well for us otherwise, I think. Boston is.. definitely different than Illinois was. We both mostly like city living, we're both settling into new jobs, making a new home for ourselves. Our tenants in the Illinois house so far have been godsends, and while it's a big adjustment.. I think we can be happy here.

We miss those of you we left back in Illinois. The English language is sadly lacking when it comes to expressing just how much we miss all of our friends in the midwest. Unfortunately due to my new job, I will not be able to attend MFF this year, and I feel strangely bereft at that. I hope Roho has a good time for his last year as staff.

I will hopefully write more later; it's been an emotional and exhausting summer.

Take care, all of you out there.



Aug. 12th, 2011 09:48 am
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Goodbye, Marshmallow Dog.

We love you so very very much. And you leave a gaping hole that hurts so very much.

If the Rainbow Bridge exists, we'll be looking for you there.

We love you, Brianna.
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I just want to take a moment to brag that our darling dog made it onto Puppy Break. The previous dog is also her. :) Thanks to Duncan and Taki for taking the photos and submitting her!
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I knew when I heard GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! screamed up from the basement last night (I was upstairs in my office), that it would be an interesting evening.

Note to cat: Daddy has a long fuse. Now you've seen him explode. I don't think you want to repeat that experience.

Also, I believe we need to install some sort of walkie-talkie or intercom system down to the basement. Because I couldn't hear Bren until he screamed so loud his voice was cracking.

The cat is still with the living (for now), although there was some talk of locking him in one of the escapements for the night, or possibly tying him down on the driveway so we could run over him a few times. :P

EDITED: And for some odd reason, Semagic bjorked up the html. Fixed.

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