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I dearly love my friends.

(10:37:22 AM) Lydia: ... I kinda wanna see Zombieland. >.>
(10:37:53 AM) Regan: i've already been informed that we WILL go see it in the theatre ;)
(10:38:09 AM) Regan: i can't resist anything with woody harrelson in it though, esp if he's got a cowboy hat on
(10:38:56 AM) Lydia: I know, right?
(10:39:15 AM) Lydia: I just saw a commercial for it and I was all.. 'ooh, is he wearing Wranglers? *head tilt to admire tight end*'
(10:39:28 AM) Regan: HAHA i think i did the same thing

So there we have it. I think Woody Harrelson (and cowboys!!) is/are hot. And he has a really nice backside. >.>

And [livejournal.com profile] gypsypet continues to rock my world for being my secret soul-sister. <3!
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Overheard online:

V facepines.
D says, "Facepine? You hit yourself with a tree?"
V says, "Well that's what a facepalm is."
D says, "..."


Names deleted out for anonymity. Now to clean diet coke from my keyboard.
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So in my English Comp class yesterday, my prof was talking to us about the elements of a review, and how to pick things to write about in our upcoming essays (we're to review a short story/film/video game in the horror genre). We were discussing the use of music and editing in film to generate emotions and response in the audience, and he mentioned that he had some examples for us to see.

The trailers below are each about a minute long, and... yeaaah. They're good. :)


Scary Mary is Mary Poppins re-done to be a Japanese horror movie.

Brokeback Future, Back to the Future redone in the style of Brokeback Mountain.

Anyway, you get the idea. I found them interesting- especially Shining. Enjoy!
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I'm watching slowflakes drift and swirl in a lazy, delicate dance outside my 4th floor window in our office high-rise.

I would like to say something profound and wise about how Nature shows us Her beauty, even in the midst of suburban living, but a wracking cough contorts my body and I remember....

I hate winter.

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I knew when I heard GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! screamed up from the basement last night (I was upstairs in my office), that it would be an interesting evening.

Note to cat: Daddy has a long fuse. Now you've seen him explode. I don't think you want to repeat that experience.

Also, I believe we need to install some sort of walkie-talkie or intercom system down to the basement. Because I couldn't hear Bren until he screamed so loud his voice was cracking.

The cat is still with the living (for now), although there was some talk of locking him in one of the escapements for the night, or possibly tying him down on the driveway so we could run over him a few times. :P

EDITED: And for some odd reason, Semagic bjorked up the html. Fixed.
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A la [livejournal.com profile] skorzy....

"If there is someone on your friends list you would love to have a fuckathon with, post this same exact sentence in your journal."

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Ummm... [livejournal.com profile] lanakila? If your cell phone rang once and then quit tonight, and it was a strange number....

I'm evidently very technologically challenged and accidentally called you. ;)

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