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Just a quick update to wish everyone happy holidays, whether you celebrate Christmas or something else I'm afraid I'll misspell. >.>

We're at Bren's aunt's place now, stuffing ourselves silly with sugary and tasty treats, the living room a mess of paper and ribbons and happy faces. I love this holiday.

I have a few things I want to post about when we get home, as we have no internet at Bren's grandmother's, and we'll be rotating around the family while we're here. Anyway, I'm borrowing a laptop, and probably should give it back.

Much love to everyone!
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We're in New Orleans!

Every time I come here, I'm reminded anew of how much I love this city. We treated my folks to lunch, then did some laundry (we packed light) and packed up the car and toodled off. On the trip up, it only took us 4 hours. The trip back... well. I didn't time it exactly, but Baton Rouge took us an hour to get through due to traffic. Oog, that sucked.

We checked in to our favorite hotel and called my brother Tony to see if he could slip away from work for a coffee or something. I haven't seen him in something like 9-10 years, and I was really hoping he'd be available... and he was. We had an absolutely awesome visit, and caught up a lot. I was scolded for not giving him more advance notice so he could actually take the night off...which was totally my fault. Many long-term readers will remember that this brother is the one that was in a serious auto-accident several years ago (he was on a motorcycle, struck by a drunk driver in a dump truck), and was also one of the police officers keeping the peace in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Now, he's one of 4 officers that is responsible for traffic control and escort duty when there's a VIP in town. What does this mean? It means my brother has partied with James Gandolfini, Mike Rowe, Captain Sig (of Deadliest Catch fame) and had been accidentally goosed during a photo op with Laura Bush. I am totally getting him to invite me over next time Dirty Jobs is in town, srsly!

I'm honestly incredibly proud of him. We talked a lot, he and [livejournal.com profile] roho hit it off really well, and I couldn't be happier. After he left back to work, we wandered the three blocks to the French Quarter and grabbed some dinner at Oceana Grill for some crab-stuffed ahi tuna with crawfish sauce and cajun blackened chicken. It was amazingly good; the place was just off Bourbon Street, and we probably would have passed it by if one of the waiters hadn't been standing in the street and stopped us. Once we rolled out, we went to Cafe Beignet's Bourbon Street location and had beignets and hurricanes while a live jazz band played Christmas carols. It was a wonderful way to end the evening.

We're back at the hotel now, curled up in bed and surfing the web for a little bit before we sleep (laughing because we apparently stumbled on a documentary on phone sex workers on the television. Good money, I guess?) Tomorrow, we're up early for the 10 hour drive to Tampa.

This vacation has been... just perfect. We're already discussing our options for coming back to see my family again. Anyway.. more tomorrow evening. :)
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Whoof. Day 2 with my folks is nearly over, and we're leaving mid-day tomorrow for New Orleans. We hope to have a few minutes for coffee or a meal with my older brother (I haven't seen him since my first marriage, 11 years ago), and then we're off to hopefully visit with [livejournal.com profile] haikujaguar and her family before finishing our trip with [livejournal.com profile] roho's family.

I haven't gotten much (any) painting done on this trip yet, it's been a bit chaotic. My dad is eager to see my artwork (eek!) and both of them loved the bookmarks I brought them. I want to explore a different technique for bookmark creation when I get back.. but I have to do more art first.

Anyway, we are taking my parents to lunch tomorrow, then we'll find a place to get some boudin, and investigate the local beer selection. I'll update again tomorrow night from our hotel on the French Quarter.

Bonne nuit chacun!
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Yesterday we got up, drove up to Milwaukee, flew to Minneapolis, then got on an airplane to New Orleans.

We picked up our rental car and started heading west on I10, turning north when we hit Jennings. Around 11pm, we pulled into my parents driveway and snuck into the house.

You see, my mother had no idea we were coming for a visit. We told her we were going to visit friends, then going on to Florida to spend time with [livejournal.com profile] roho's family for Christmas. I have been watching all those commercials where the child surprises their parents with a surprise holiday visit, and... yeah. It really is as wonderful as it looked.

We'll be here til Tuesday, then we head back to New Orleans, and on to Florida.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. We are. :)
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If you're like me, and are waffling about what to get for special friends this year... check out gmerriment on FA. He's offering $10 commissions to design holiday cards. You can help out an artist, and get a gift for a friend. Two for one!
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Home at last. Very tired. Had a good holiday... was awkward in spots, and there are things I'm still chewing on. More of an update later.
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Yeah, know how I said I hoped we'd get nice weather? HA.

9.5 HOURS of blizzard. I have never seen a storm that could stretch from Rochester to Boston. :P

We're safe in Boston, ensconced in a cozy apartment watching traffic go by that does not include us.

'The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...'

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Apparently we left the Chicagoland area just in time! We're on our way east to Boston for the holidays, and I just checked our local forcast. -7 (-34 with windchill) and snow for the next 3 days. Yikes, I'm glad we're on the road!

Buffalo was surprisingly clear for once, and we ended up stopping for the night in Rochester. We should hit Boston early this afternoon, and have plans for dinner with friends. Hoping for good weather!

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