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The good news is, my folks are all fine. I talked to my dad last night right as they were getting the edges of the storm, and the location they're in would probably still be standing after armageddon. My brother and his daughter are also fine- I haven't gotten any gory details about the goings on in New Orleans yet, but I'm sure that'll start trickling in shortly as soon as the phone lines are workable again.

School is going well, some of the things I was concerned about don't bother me, and other things I thought I'd have no problems with... do.

I was worried that being back in a scholastic environment would feel strange or weird, mostly because I'm so much older than the average student there. That... doesn't faze me. I guess since my last employer was ginormous and hired a lot of younger people, I feel pretty comfortable being around all age groups. The things that -do- bother me... I feel a little overwhelmed with some of the coursework and classes. I'm taking French, English Comp, Western Civ I, and Drawing I, and... yikes. I guess I should have realized that I AM taking a full course load, but I think it's one of those things that you don't fully appreciate the impact of until it whams you in the head.

I am going to get photos of my drawing homework to post tomorrow, as it's a bit big for my little scanner. If folks are interested, I may post some of the English Comp essay.

Back to the grind I go...!
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My family has all evacuated. My brother will again wait out the storm; forced to remain in New Orleans because of his emergency personnel status. He's joined this time by his oldest daughter, who somehow grew up into a lovely young woman when I wasn't looking. She's an EMT, so I know they'll both be fine. His wife and other two daughters are en route north to a friend of the family's camp.... which is apparently nicer (and safer) than the home I grew up in.

My parents.... are evacuating tomorrow to their designated Evacuation Location. My youngest brother will be going with them; they've already moved all their animals to the safest location they can and begun the process of boarding up, moving hurricane supplies out of storage, and cleaning up the yards of anything that can blow.

My feelings.... are hard to describe. I joke about there not being enough money in the world to pay me to move back to Louisiana and yet... I love my homestate so much. There's a lot of concern down in the trenches about the levees not holding, and heartache for those that have just finished rebuilding their homes from Katrina.

My Dad is once again the coordinator for their evacuation point, and I worry what the stress is doing to him. They've promised to call me at regular intervals.... and this is all I can do. Sit and worry from afar.

I hate to rain on the holiday weekend, but... please spare a thought, a prayer, good energy, or whatever form of well wishing your beliefs take. Not for my family, but for all the people of South Louisiana. Their safety, their pets... their spirits.


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