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It's likely becoming obvious that I am running out of things to entertain myself with that don't require me to sit up for long periods or intense concentration, as I keep updating LJ.

I just finished reading two of the newer books by Dick Francis, sadly deceased last year. I began reading Francis around the same time I began reading Louis L'Amour, so about 25 years ago. I love Francis's books. They're somewhat predictable; told in first person, the main character is almost invariably male and has generally the same sort of personality. But it's a likeable personality, and the author manages to make the story different enough each time, and.. yeah. I like his stuff.

I wish I could find an author that was as prolific and wrote the same quality work. I am now back to slogging my way through Steven Brust's Taltos series, and.. it just isn't the same. Francis writes books that are difficult for me to put down, they are engaging and... yeah.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I love to read, and these days I find myself re-reading alot of things I've already read, because spending money on a new author so often leads to disappointment. Blugh.
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It's coming!!!

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Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin!

For those that haven't heard... release a book into the wild!
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From: [REDACTED]@bordersgroupinc.com
To: Employee@[redacted].com

This is my way of saying "THANK YOU, I've appreciated you this year!"
Please feel free to pass the link on to other Family, Friends or Coworkers that deserve a "Thank You".

Employee Appreciation/Friends & Family Days are Friday, November 12 through Monday, November 15. At all Borders, Waldenbooks, Borders Express and Borders Outlet locations, Borders Group employee's friends and family members can receive 20 percent off with a special coupon.

You should have received five 20 percent off coupons, which may be distributed to friends and family for this event. Your friends and family do not have to be with you to receive their discount; they simply need to present their coupon at the time of purchase.
Our best marketing efforts are our 35,000 employees, and we appreciate your assistance in spreading the word to encourage your friends and family to take advantage of these special savings days. We've provided you with postcard coupons to extend our appreciation to your friends and family for their ongoing loyalty and support. A link to the coupon is also available: http://www.bordersstores.com/features/feature.jsp?file=friendsandfamily

Borders Group Inc
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
work phone (734) ***-****
cell phone (734) ***-****
fax (734) ***-****

Non disclosure aside, knock yourselves out, kids. 20% off of all books, 40% off of food products at Borders and/or Waldenbooks. Expires on Monday.

Sometimes, I do actually like my job.
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In my quest for spirituality, it's occured to me that I have lots of friends from every walk of life.

So. I ask. What book do you recommend as particularly life changing/spiritual? What has influenced your life?

For me, it was the Book of Mormon. I've read it 4 times, and it's probably my favorite book of scripture. I don't necessarily agree with the Mormon faith, but I believe that the Book is as true an accounting as the New or Old Testament.

What do you read?

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