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I had a great weekend. Thank you to everyone that emailed, texted and/or called, your thoughts and well wishes really made my day.

[livejournal.com profile] duncandahusky details our Saturday activities pretty accurately. We went down into Evanston to the Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop for brunch. I had no idea where we were going, and was quite pleasantly surprised! Omnomnom Cajun food. :9 (The cheese grits? So. Good.)

After that, we went to Happy Husky Bakery, where resident canine Astaire proceeded to give kisses all over my face. He liked faces, and kept getting my glasses. Slobbery, but so sweet, and the owners are very cool. We definitely want to go back; picked up some doggie treats for Brianna there.

Then... we went to the Spice House. this was my first visit ever, and... it really brought home just how vital the spice trade was in years gone by. You walk through the door and run face first into a wall of spicy scents, and it's just.. amazing. You'd think it would be overwhelming (there's a smelly soap shop here in Antioch that gives me headaches), but it was wonderful. :9 I have been thinking of making my own homemade vanilla extract, so I shall be going back for a handful of vanilla beans. :9

After that, we visited a couple of pet stores so Duncan and Takaza could meet and greet some local dog rescues, see if any of their charges would make a good fit for their home. They found Buddy, who is a real sweetie of a dog, at the second event we attended. He's now happily ensconced in his forever home. :) I was really impressed with the folks running the rescue, and when the time comes for us to bring another dog home, we will probably go to them.

Yesterday I had some more emotional ups and downs like I described last week. I'm convinced now that there are multiple factors that when combined, my emotions slip their leash. I'm frustrated, because for the last two years I've managed (quite well, I thought) to manage my mental state without medication. I am calling the doctor today about an appointment. I realize part of my problem is withdrawal from cigarettes (oh God, I almost caved on Saturday and asked [livejournal.com profile] roho to buy some), but the other part is a chemical imbalance in my body, and that... I need a resolution on that.

Overall though, I'm feeling chipper and bright-eyed this morning. I'm catching up on my correspondence, preparing some art for mailing, and I should, if things go well, finish a painting today. I'd like to get some domestic chores done as well, so the painting may have to wait til Wednesday.

So while I prepare for the con next month, I have a question for all of you? What do you like to see on artist tables? Freebies? Impulse buy items? (magnets and bookmarks under $5?) Prints? Tell me in the comments, so I know what to bring!
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But not deeper in debt, thank goodness!

So, as of 6:50 pm tonight, I am 32 years of age. I never subscribed to the 'OMG 30 is OLLLLD' mentality, so I can enjoy my birthdays still as a good excuse to get together with good friends, eat tasty food, and overindulge in cake. That being said, my younger brother turns 30 on Tuesday, and I am not above teasing him and my mother with 'You're so OLLLLLD!'. But I'm childish and immature that way. >.>

I posted something like this on Facebook, and I want to post it here too. You guys, all of you... are supremely awesome. Even if I don't know you personally, you're reading this message and therefore supporting me. Ergo, awesome. I have far too many people to thank for me to list them here (and really, that's how it should be- loads of great people in my life!), so I apologize for not individually thanking each of you publically.

I just want all of you friends, family and patrons out there to know that I appreciate you. I appreciate your encouragement, your support, your comments on my artwork, and the ways you make me smile when I need it. Without all of you, I wouldn't be the happy and productive person that I am. So please... today... go have a cupcake on me. :)

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So my birthday is Saturday. I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching Farscape on Netflix and working on a painting, and I keep... hearing something ringing. I thought it was my cell phone, did the quick mental checklist of 'would a bill collector be calling', etc. No. It keeps ringing, so I go get the phone (it's an old and crummy one, so the unfamiliar ring tone wasn't a cause for alarm). That wasn't it.

Asked [livejournal.com profile] roho if he left his cell phone at home, no. So the next time it rings, I start trying to track it. Our dining/living room has a piano bench next to the fireplace, where I stash my usb cables, my intuos tablet, misc computer and art supplies I don't want laying out. Nestled on top of them is a brand new iphone with Roho's number on the caller id.

Thank you so much, sweetheart. I think I shall squee now, and start getting it all set up. :D

(By the by, if you are not now using my Google Voice number for contacting me, this is a good time to change. The old number will stop working when my contract expires on Mar 13. Ping me if you need it.)
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Special Birthday edition, today!

Quote of the Day:

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” -- Gautama Siddharta

Art News:

Yesterday was a productive day. I scanned a bunch of pencil pieces, did a quickie marker piece, and got some work done on Crimson's painting. Today, I'm hoping to get more done on Crimson's painting. :D The progress shot scanned a little off, since I tape my work with blue painter's tape, and that really confuses my scanner.

Current Projects:

I don't have a lot on the stove for today. I need to call the school about my tuition, I need to look at registering for FurFright, I need to make some other phone calls.. I have the nagging feeling I'm forgetting something, but... I'm sure I'll remember it, if it's important. -.-

Nifty things:

The Daily Coyote -- A blogger (I think it's a woman?) who took in an orphaned coyote pup and has been raising him and blogging about it for the past couple of years. I love the photos and antecdotes, and I admit, I find his/her lifestyle very appealing.

Older vs Younger, How to Draw the Difference -- Great tutorial on how to keep your young characters from looking like they've been rode hard and put away wet. Unless that's the look you're going for. >.>

Annnd finally... (I did say this is a birthday edition!) Please go wish [livejournal.com profile] feren and [livejournal.com profile] gen a happy birthday! Hope your respective days are wonderful, guys!

Have a great day!

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So... to whomever called Flamingo Surprise to leave me a birthday greeting, thank you!!

Photos below )
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It's that time of year again.  In a week and a half, I'll be 29 years old.    I remember feeling like 30 was ancient, and now I'm almost there.

For our local friends, we're trying to organize dinner out on the 6th.  I'll post more details once we decide on a place.  It'll be in the Schaumburg area.



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I just wanna say...

You guys are friggin awesome.

Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes, it was wonderful to come home and see them. :)

I'm incredibly lucky to have such incredible friends. Thank you. :)

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