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Okay, so I'm in Cultural Anthropology this semester, and we get projects every other week or so. They're generally interesting exercises, except I have to keep recruiting 3 'informants'... friends, family, people to answer a series of questions. It's like taking a survey, there's no right or wrong answers, I just have to evaluate the responses.

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Okay! I did not have everyone's email addresses, so I am posting the information packet here. ALL COMMENTS WILL BE SCREENED. So please feel free to be as frank as you like. If there are any problems submitting a comment, feel free to email me - cheekitty at gmail dot com.

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I'd like to thank everyone that is participating, or that has offered to participate. This is for my Cultural Anthropology class, and I daresay this is not the last time I'll ask for input as the semester goes on. :)
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In lieu of a daily post today, I'm submitting a request. I need three volunteers that have experienced some sort of culture shock to answer some quick questions for an anthropology assignment I have to complete this weekend.

Either reply here, or drop me a line at cheekitty at gmail dot com if you're willing and able to respond to the questions by Tuesday.

Thanks guys!

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