Apr. 9th, 2011

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In case the timestamp doesn't show correctly, it's 5:30am.

I was woken from a deep sleep while wearing earplugs by slamming doors. I then lay in bed for a half hour listening to various loud thumps, rattles, and a heavy tread moving up and down over our room. Note- I had not removed the earplugs, we have a computer in our bedroom, AND I had a fan going.

I give up trying to sleep for the night. I get that their apartment is likely hardwood, but... still. How can you slam a door at 5 fucking AM and not realize it's going to wake someone?

I think it may be time for us to have a chat with the landlord, and I can't help but wonder if this is why the previous tenants moved out.


Apr. 9th, 2011 06:02 pm
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Since my last couple of entries have been whining and moaning, I thought I'd post about something positive.

We had some Crate and Barrel gift cards that have been burning a hole for the last couple of years, so we went to the store in Burlington to pick up a new toy, then decided to get lunch and do some grocery shopping.

I blame [livejournal.com profile] chefmongoose. My future incessant cravings for bulgogi are all his fault. H-Mart is an asian grocery store. It's like Mitsuwa, but much larger, more varied, and much higher quality than the Chicago one we used to go to. And the food court. Ohhhh, the bulgogi. Excuse me, having a moment. Trust me, it was good. VERY good.

To our friends in Chicago that mourned Mitsuwa's decline, there's an H-Mart in Naperville. Worth checking out! (Avoid the sesame cracker samples if you're dieting. Just saying.)

Anyway, we gorged on tasty beefy goodness, then wandered the aisles. Two whole aisles of every type of soy sauce I could possibly imagine (and several I couldn't), gigantic bags of rice, the requisite wall of expensive rice cookers, and the people. Good God, the people.

[livejournal.com profile] roho and I have been talking about comfort zones, and as we ate lunch today I realized that I was majorly out of one of mine. Being Caucasian, I am not used to being the racial minority. It makes me VERY uncomfortable when I am in a huge crowd and the only other white face I see is sitting across the table from me slurping his miso soup. It gave me a lot to mentally chew on.

All in all, it was a pretty fun outing. We hit a local grocery store nearby for our other necessities, and had an absolutely lovely drive back down into the city. Tomorrow we kidnap a wallabutt and go to Costco, a little tapas, and some home organization projects. Possibly art? Roho gave me an idea for an adorable little 1-page comic.

All in all... it was a fantastic day, despite the rocky start. And we have pocky. All is good. <3

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