Apr. 8th, 2011


Apr. 8th, 2011 07:22 am
enveri: (Do not speak unless you can improve on t)
...upstairs neighbors.

I realize that night time is when you're awake and about, but we need to talk. The walls in this house are nice and thick, and I am guessing? That your assumption is that the floors are too. NOT. SO. Whatever it was you were doing last night- it sounded like bouncing a basketball, echoed loudly in our bedroom at 4:30am. You might notice, since it's dark outside, that the majority of the population is trying to sleep at this time of day.

SO. Kindly (and I say this with gritted teeth) cut it. the. fuck. out. Every night, you watch your television, talk, move furniture, drop something that BOUNCES with a loud plastic rattle, stomp through your place and slam doors. Show some fucking courtesy. We are quiet during the day, which is, I presume, when you're sleeping. I don't think it's asking too much to try and keep it done while we are trying to rest, since we, you know, WORK.

I know that you are related to the landlord. Therefore I have not stormed outside and stood on the doorbell to deliver this rant in person. But seriously, keep it up, I'll start sending you the bill for earplug replacement.

Dear cats, and I'm looking at YOU, Marcus.

See above. I swear, you guys wait til the neighbors are actually quiet to bug out and lose your little kitty minds. I am going on my third night of minimal sleep, and I'll tell you, I've had it. I realize that we went from 2000 sq feet of living space to a bit under 900. It's an adjustment, for all of us. Marcus, I know you're bored. If I can find a toy that you like, that you can play with and keep yourself entertained, honey I promise we'll buy it. But seriously? STOP with the 2am howling sessions.

Cailet- when Marcus is jumping you, seriously haul off and smack him. You have claws, he doesn't. This running around snarling, snorting and hissing is funny to him, and is going to get you in JUST as much trouble as he is with me. Mommy is tired of the bullshit. He wants to play. If you don't, tell him in no uncertain terms to back off. Also? Trying to get up into my face at night isn't going to fly. You want to stop being booted out of bed? Then quit trying to share my pillow. I'll get you your own.


All I want is a good night's sleep. Srsly.

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